Standard vs Higher courses


Which Level of Chemistry, Maths or Physics?

Some courses (our word for subjects) offer "higher" versions for students for two reasons. Firstly, it may be compulsory for a particular major because a higher level of knowledge is required for that major. Secondly, students may simply like the topic, excel in it, and would like an extra challenge. These "higher" courses are not more highly weighted, nor do they give you any extra bonus points.

In your first year, Maths, Physics and Chemistry have various levels on offer. If you are doing Human Biology majors for example, these usually require standard maths courses. On the other hand, Mathematical Science majors require higher level maths courses to be completed. We have provided some guidance below to help you decide on the best level for you.

If you would like to discuss your particular situation further, please contact the relevant School:

Chemistry - Phone: 9385 4666;
Maths - Phone: 9385 7111;
Physics - Phone: 9385 4976;

Remember that further details on all courses can also be found on the UNSW Online Handbook. Use the "Direct Find" tool to search for the course you would like to know more about.  

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Help Me Decide: Physics


Need a Bridging Course?


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