Handy Exam Tips from Science Students

We've been asking current students for their top exam tips. Sometimes the easiest things to remember, are also the easiest to forget!



Treat the day before the exam as the exam date.

What this means is that you complete all your study two nights before the exam. The day prior to the exam is left for light revision if you wish but it is important to relax on this day so that you are well rested for the exam.


Trung Nguyen

Bachelor of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering/Bachelor of Science


Tell someone what you know about the exam topic

I find it incredibly useful to teach someone else the content I have been studying for the exam, regardless of whether or not the person's listening (or even animate for that matter). It's amazing how much my mum now knows about Pavlov!


Samantha Tang

Bachelor of Psychology




Go to the races

Exams will be held in at Randwick Racecourse again this year. Make sure you know which tent you are in! Go for a walk around the Marquee areas before the big day.

Physically print out your exam timetable

My friend wrote the wrong date for one of his exams in his diary and missed the exam!


Thomas Liang

Bachelor of Science (Psychology) / Bachelor of Laws


Colour Code

I'm a very visual learner so I break my study notes up into lots of sections with different coloured headings - I find it helps me remember the necessary chunks rather than being overwhelmed by a whole topic.


Alex Soderlund

Bachelor of Science (Genetics) / Bachelor of Arts (Media, Culture and Technology) and Ecology Honours


Streamline your study – stick to the syllabus

If your course has syllabus dot points, you will be tested on this material, therefore focus your study to the dot point areas. By using this strategy you will make sure that you don’t waste precious time studying material that will not be in the exam.



Bachelor of Science (Adv. Science) (Vision Science)

Zarrineh Norouzi

Bachelor of Science (Vision Science)