Major Declaration Form

This form must be used to declare, add or change a Major if enrolled in the below list of programs. Majors and Minors for all other programs (not listed) can now be declared via the myUNSW Online Stream Declaration Service.

Students should declare their Major before starting Stage 2 Science courses.

* Students taking a Quantitative Risk Major in any program must seek approval from John Steele, School of Mathematics and Statistics by emailing then forwarding the approval email to

*Students who commenced their program prior to 2011 wishing to declare a Minor, should do so below in the comments box. Apart from 3987 Bachelor of Science (International), Minors are not available for students who commenced between 2012 and 2015.

Please Note: Students must follow the rules in the Online Handbook for the year they commenced their degree.

3042 Chemical Engineering/Science

3047 Petroleum Engineering/Science

3102 Industrial Chemistry/Science

3135 Materials Science and Engineering

3137 Materials Science/Chemical Engineering

3138 Materials Science/Biomed Engineering

3142 Mining Engineering/Science

3448 Music/Science

3449 Music/Advanced Science

3617 Nanotechnology

3634 Photonic Engineering/Science

3641 Telecommunications/Science

3651 Software Engineering/Science

3655 Photovoltaics & Solar/Science

3658 Renewable Engineering/Science

3711 Mech Engineering/Science

3725 Electrical Engineering/Science

3726 Computer Engineering/Science

3730 Civil Engineering/Science

3735 Environmental Engineering/Science

3746 Surveying & SIS/Science

3755 Bioinformatics/Science

3932 Environmental Science/Arts

3933 Advanced Mathematics/Arts

3935 Science/Social Science

3936 Advanced Science/Social Science

3941 Advanced Science/Engineering

3942 Advanced Mathematics/Engineering

3943 Environmental Management/Arts

3972 Advanced Science

3986 Advanced Mathematics

3988 Environmental Science

4075 Science / Education

3991 Medical Science


Personal Information

e.g. Bachelor of Science
e.g. 3970 for Bachelor of Science

Declaration Information