Exchange Advice for Science Students


There are two parts of the process that the Science Student Centre will be involved with.

Stage 1: Faculty Endorsement / Pre-Approval

It is assumed at this stage that the science student has already completed the online Exchange Tutorial offered by the Global Education Office.   

  • Science Student Centre checks your program status

  • The Student works out a general plan or overview for exchange period, that enables you to complete your program without extending the duration

For example:

“For my majors, I need CHEM3021 and BIOC2101. I also have a free elective and a General Education course to complete”

“I’m in the BSc International.  I need MATH3020, a French course for my minor, and I’m going to do a Science elective and a Global Directed elective”

“I’m in a dual program. I need two Stage 3 MECH courses, PSYC2101 and a Science elective”



You can request a progress check online to know what courses you have left to complete your degree.



Stage 2: Course Matches

This is the most challenging part… But persevere; it will all be worth it!  Review the sections below, before deciding on which course matches to apply for. 

This section provides information on:


Example Course Match Plans

 Example 1   

Student is allocated to University X, where a full load is 15 credits per term


Host University Course(s)

UNSW Course / Credit

CHM304 (4 credit)


BIO201 (2 credit) + BIO204 (2 credit lab)1


HIST101 Intro to History (3 credit)

GENZ2000 General Education (6 UoC)

PSY101 Psychology Fundamentals (4 credit)2

SCIF6106 Science Level 1 elective

1. this is a complex course match, where 2 courses on exchange equate to 1 here

2. you should never do courses on exchange that are similar to anything you’ve already done. Be aware that many programs have a maximum Level 1 courses permitted




 Example 2   

Student is allocated to University Y, where a full load is 30 ECTS


Host University Course(s)

UNSW Course / Credit

FREN220 French Intensive Language (15 ECTS)

GENZ2000 General Education (6 UoC) +

SCIF0106 Non Science Elective (6 UoC)


PHYS201 (5 ECTS) +

STAT244 (5 ECTS) +

MATH205 (5 ECTS)


SCIF6212 Science elective Level 2 (12 UoC)




Useful Course Codes for Science Exchange

 Science Electives   

Science 6 UoC Level 1


Science 12 UoC Level 1


Science 18 UoC Level 1


Science 24 UoC Level 1


Science 6 UoC Level 2


Science 12 UoC Level 2


Science 18 UoC Level 2


Science 6 UoC Level 3


Science 12 UoC Level 3




 Science International Program Electives   

Global Directed Elective 6 UoC Level 1


Global Directed Elective 12 UoC Level 1


Global Directed Elective 6 UoC Level 2


Global Directed Elective 12 UoC Level 2




 Free Electives   

Non-Science 6 UoC Level 1


Non-Science 12 UoC Level 1


Non-Science 18 UoC Level 1


Non-Science 24 UoC Level 1


Non-Science 6 UoC Level 2


Non-Science 12 UoC Level 2




 General Education   

6 UoC General Education


12 UoC General Education




Historical Course Matches

This page lists exchange courses that have been approved for previous science exchange students. Course matches are listed according to Schools. Please be aware that course codes and titles from UNSW and exchnage universities can change from previous years. 

These lists are meant to be a guide; they should not be considered as a guarantee of approval or a comprehensive list of approvals available. Approvals are made on a case-by-case basis. Students are encouraged to explore other exchange universities and course matches to suit their interests. 

The list is searchable by UNSW School, country, overseas institution, and UNSW courses. If you are not sure what School your major or program falls under, please refer to the guide below. 


School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences

  • Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours)
  • Bioinformatics major 
  • Biotechnology major 
  • Genetics major 
  • Microbiology major
  • Molecular & Cell Biology major


School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • Bachelor of Environmental Management
  • Biology major
  • Earth Science major 
  • Ecology major 
  • Geography major 
  • Marine & Coastal Science major


School of Chemistry

  • Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Nanoscience (Honours)
  • Biological Chemistry major
  • Chemistry major


School of Mathematics and Statistics

  • Bachelor of Advanced Mathematics (Advanced)
  • Mathematics major
  • Physical Oceanography major
  • Statistics major


School of Medical Sciences

  • Bachelor of Medical Science 
  • Anatomy major
  • Neuroscience major
  • Pathology major
  • Pharmacology major
  • Physiology major


School of Physics

  • Physics major


School of Psychology

  • Bachelor of Psychological Science
  • Psychology major



Historical Course Matches