What is SciX@UNSW?

It is a programme to support the HSC Science Extension course. Students will be given a research project based on their preferences to work on for the duration of your course. Students will then write a research report at the end. UNSW Science provides research projects and researchers to mentor students and access to our laboratories.

How does the programme work?

Students will be asked to select their research topic preferences in the application form. Due staffing and demand, not every student may get to do the project that is their first choice, so we offer you the ability to choose projects by preference. If you miss your first choice, and if there is space available, we may offer you your second or third choice. If successful, you will be matched with a researcher running the project and they will introduce themselves to you. The researchers are usually PhD students who have spent a number of years working on this particular area of scientific research, though the projects are overseen by our research academics.

In Term 4, you will be given access to academic articles that you are key to understanding your project and you may be asked to do a literature review. You may be asked to complete some basic training prior to the January summer-school and you will work with your mentor to develop your inquiry question around your project. In January, you will attend a 5-day intensive summer-school where you will spend a lot of time in your labs, conducting your investigation. There will also be several workshops to develop skills to support your investigation and we will run lab talks and tours. In the months following the summer-school, you will communicate with your mentor to get support analysing your data and writing your final draft report.


When is SciX Summer School?

Summer School will run from Monday, 20 January to Friday, 24 January 2020. Attendance is a critical part of the programme. 


How will I communicate with my mentor?

The SciX@UNSW uses the OpenLearning platform to create available resources, forums for discussions and chats. Your teacher will also be given access so they are kept in the loop.


How much does it cost?

To participate in the programme, there is a total cost of $600, payable on acceptance into the programme. Partial refunds will be on available to students who notify the UNSW before 31st December 2019 that they can no longer attend. The fee covers the cost of paying the PhD student mentors for their time over the course of the programme. 


How do I apply?

Online applications will open in mid-September. Sign up for our mail list to be notified when applications open.


Where do I find more information? 

Sign up for our mail list to be kept up to date on the programme.