Earth & Environmental Science

Marine Heatwave
Marine heatwaves
Project summary:
Heatwaves in the ocean can cause severe damage to marine ecosystems, such as large-scale coral bleaching. While marine heatwaves occur all over the ocean and are becoming more frequent with global warming, scientists are only now at the forefront of understanding these extreme temperature events. 
What Students will do:

In this project, students will learn the fundamentals of...

Climate Change
Predicting the future climate/ What will our climate look like in 2100?
Project Summary: 
What will our climate look like in 2100? How will temperature and rainfall change in a future of rapidly increasing greenhouse emissions? How will different emissions pathways affect the impact of climate change? Can we use geoengineering to reverse global warming? In this project, students can explore questions such as these using climate models that bring together state of art science, computing and mathematics.