Developing new metallic alloys
Project Summary:
With the development of new technologies and changing environments, we need new materials to cope with the stress, high temperatures and environmental attacks. It is the job of a materials scientist to create new materials for future applications and understand how the materials get their properties. Materials science provides the opportunity to develop and use skills from many other sciences including physics, chemistry,...
Approx Spectra
Using approximate spectroscopy to find indicators of life on other planets
Project Summary:
Aliens are out there! (Probably.) But how will we find them? What kind of signatures does life leave behind? How easy or hard is it to distinguish between these molecular traces of life? It’s very hard to just get in a rocket and travel to an exoplanet though that would be cool. So, we need different methods to determine which exoplanets may or may not have life.  
What Students will do:...