Science Meets Industry



"I think the Science meets Industry Talks are a great way for students to really engage with industry and could make finding industrial training a lot easier. 

Having UNSW organise these events is a much easier way to talk to interested employers and potentially gain work experience than sending out piles of resumes. It also gives us a chance to learn more about what they're looking for and whether we would be a good fit for their company in the long run. 

It would be great to have more of these happen in the future."

- Siddharth Doshi, Science student



"Engaging with industry isn’t an academic theory, it is something we do – and we are always looking for new ways to do more” 
- Dean Merlin Crossley.

As well as offering internships and scholarships, our Industry Partnships program organises regular Science Meets Industry events with our industry partners.

The Science Meets Industry events are designed to introduce our high-achieving students to representatives from reputable organisations, with an aim to form promising networking relationships and provide students with valuable internship and paid work experience opportunities.

We have have organised networking and careers events in conjunction with Cochlear, Mars, Google, IBM, Energetics, CSIRO, Commonwealth Bank and Woolworths.