Alum&Us: Information for Mentees

The Science Alum&Us Mentoring Program provides an opportunity for students to be supported and guided in their professional and/or academic development as they start to think about the transition into their professional careers.
Evidence shows that students who participate in mentoring while at university are happier with their chosen majors, achieve better academic results and benefit from being introduced to new career and study paths. (Julio J. Ramirez: The Intentional Mentor, Planning Institute Australia: Mentoring Handbook)
The program will be delivered via 5 face-to-face sessions over a ten week period and appear on each successful participants’ AHEGS statement
Students will be matched with mentors based on their area of study, industry experience, communication style and shared interests. 
Student must be in their penultimate or final year of undergraduate study, or a postgraduate to apply.
  • Have access to an established professional who once was a UNSW student like you
  • Be guided as you set professional goals and milestones
  • Be able to tap into a wealth of lived experience and professional know-how 
  • Be supported as you explore possible career paths and trajectories
  • Learn how to best leverage your skills and experience to tap into professional opportunities
  • Develop a strong sense of confidence and self 
Areas you may seek guidance in are:
  • Workplace insights – e.g. culture, professional conduct, governance etc.
  • Networking and interview skills
  • Sounding board for CV and LinkedIn development
  • Industry trends and challenges
  • Finding job opportunities in the industry – job hunting strategies
As part of the program and AHEGS accreditation requirements, mentees must: 
  • Attend the mentoring assessment centre 
  • Attend the opening event 
  • Attend all five mentoring sessions 
  • Complete one hour of pre-work before every mentoring meeting 
  • Complete a substantial reflective piece after each meeting and any additional homework (1 hour per mentor meeting) 
  • Provide program feedback by the due date


Term 1, 2019 Program Outline

Getting started

Register your interest via online application form by Sunday 10 March, 2019
Our Program Coordinator will touch base to go through the mentoring program details

Program Timetable

Wednesday 3 April 2019Opening event
Wednesday 3 April - Monday 17 June 2019Mentoring period
Monday 1 July 2019Provide program feedback and evaluation


Have 5 face-to-face mentoring meetings
Student will make initial contact and arrange a time and place to meet
First meeting between student and mentor - Identify goals and timeline and complete mentoring placement form
We recommend at least one meeting be held at the mentor’s workplace to showcase a professional working environment


Apply here

For enquiries, contact Tierney Marey -