Our Science Team

Science Executive Leadership Team

Dean’s Unit Team

Sue Kyle

Executive Assistant to the Dean

E: sue.kyle@unsw.edu.au

Marie Simmons

Business Support Manager, Operations

E: m.simmons@unsw.edu.au

Alyce Taylor (Parental Leave)

Community & Engagement Officer, Strategy

E: a.taylor@unsw.edu.au

Sarah Stride

Project Officer, Research

E: sarah.stride@unsw.edu.au

Eugene Barannikov

Operations Manager, Strategic Projects

E: e.barannikov@unsw.edu.au

Mikaela Viray

Project Officer, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion 

E: m.viray@unsw.edu.au


Kathleen Gray

IT Senior Business Partner 

E: kathleen.gray@unsw.edu.au

Workplace Health & Safety General Enquiry

T: +61 2 9385 2711

E: safety@unsw.edu.au

Will Pizzoni

Administrative Officers

E: g.pessutopizzoni@unsw.edu.au

Leonie Kneipp

Administrative Officers

E: l.kneipp@unsw.edu.au

Charmaine Roberts

Strategy Manager

E: charmaine.roberts@unsw.edu.au

Kira West

Community & Engagement Officer


Jess Stanley

Program Manager, Women in Maths and Science Champions Program


Katie West

Business Development Support Officer

E: katie.l.west@unsw.edu.au

Donavan Marney

Business Development Manager

E: d.marney@unsw.edu.au

Shauna Simon

Precinct Services Manager


Office of the Women in STEM Ambassador Program

Lisa Harvey-Smith

Australian Government’s Women in STEM Ambassador

E: WomenInSTEM@unsw.edu.au

Faculty Finance Staff

Veneet Sood

Finance Business Partner

E: v.sood@unsw.edu.au

Andrea Rossetti

Aviation, Dean's unit

E: a.rossetti@unsw.edu.au

Gagan Monga

MRA Team Leader

E: g.monga@unsw.edu.au

Faculty Human Resource Staff

Caroline Thierry

Human Resources Business Partner

E: c.thierry@unsw.edu.au

Chrizanne Navalle

Human Resources Officer

E: c.navalle@unsw.edu.au

Alicia Coggins

Human Resources Officer

E: alicia.coggins@unsw.edu.au

Ann Torrecampo

Human Resources Consultant

E: a.torrecampo@unsw.edu.au

Josie Luis

Human Resources Consultant

E: j.luis@unsw.edu.au

Human Resources General Enquiry

E: hrscience@unsw.edu.au

Science Education Team

Violet Hueston

Education Partnerships Manager

E: v.hueston@unsw.edu.au

Science Student Services Enquiries

Ask a Question

Renee York

Student Experience Officer

E: renee.york@unsw.edu.au

Steve Yannoulatos

Education Support Manager

E: s.yannoulatos@unsw.edu.au

Gus Frystak

Education Project Officer

E: g.frystak@unsw.edu.au

Steven Parker

Education Technology Manager

E: steven.parker@unsw.edu.au

Ethan Ou

Education Technology Officer

E: ethan.ou@unsw.edu.au

Science External Engagement Team

Meg Tidd

External Engagement Manager

E: megan.tidd@unsw.edu.au

Merrin Browne (Parental Leave)

Communications and Events Coordinator

E: merrin.browne@unsw.edu.au

Diane Nazaroff

News and Content Coordinator

E: diane.nazaroff@unsw.edu.au


Sarah Remfrey

Alumni Engagement Coordinator

E: s.remfrey@unsw.edu.au


Louise Barry

Communications and Events Coordinator

E: louise.barry@unsw.edu.au


Jesse Hawley

Digital Content Coordinator

E: jesse.hawley@unsw.edu.au


Science Development Team

Anna Gauchat

Head of Development (Technology, Innovation & Environment)

E: a.gauchat@unsw.edu.au

Emma Rouse

Development Manager

E: e.rouse@unsw.edu.au

Eden Tollis

Development Officer (Science and Engineering)

E: e.tollis@unsw.edu.au

Natalie Sheahan

Development Coordinator

E: n.sheahan@unsw.edu.au

Future Students Team

Shashma Bonnet-Rooke

Future Student Partner

E: s.bonnet@unsw.edu.au

Nick Fahy

Senior Recruitment Product Manager

E: n.fahy@unsw.edu.au

Alexandra Tingey

Recruitment Officer