Science 50:50 - Inspiring Young Women into Science


Professor Veena Sahajwalla - Materials Scientist

Professor Emma Johnston AO- Marine Biologist

Professor Michelle Simmons - Quantum Physicist

What is Science 50:50?

Science 50:50 is a program that aims to inspire Australian girls and young women to pursue degrees and careers in science and technology, so they can succeed in an innovation-driven future. Science 50:50 makes the simple point – since half the population is female, why not half the scientists and technologists? 

What are we doing?

Engaging girls with science and technology via school visits, competitions, school holiday programs, industry visits and women in science events - recruiting the help of universities, research organisations and industries.

Get Involved:

  • Are you an established scientist interesting in mentoring an aspiring young scientist?
  • Can you host a young researcher in the form of an internship, site visit, work experience, or provide other practical support? 

Contact Us:

Program Leader Professor Veena Sahajwalla: | (02) 9385 4426