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Support to Visiting Academics

Visiting Research Fellowship

The Faculty of Science Visiting Research Fellowships are targeted at researchers of high standing relative to their career stage, and who are invited by a Faculty academic staff member for a short period of time. The visit will initiate and develop collaborative research and facilitate interaction with, and training of, Faculty staff and students. Visiting fellows are expected to make a tangible contribution to the Faculty during the period of their stay.
Available Funding
The Faculty will provide up to $10,000for each visitor to help cover costs of the visit, depending upon length of stay and travel costs.
Applicants seeking to visit the University from an overseas or Australian organisation may apply. One fellowship may be awarded to an applicant in a two year period. Eligible hosts are Faculty of Science academic staff, who may be named on one application per year. Visiting Fellows are expected to be on campus full-time during the period of the fellowship.
Selection criteria
  1. Academic standing of the applicant.
  2. Academic standing of the host plus outcomes of previous hosting if relevant.
  3. Proposed length of stay. It is expected that stays will be at least 1 week for international and 2 weeks for Australian visitors. A preference will be given to longer stays.
  4. Proposed activities – collaborative research grant writing and publications will be considered positively.
  5. Previous visits by the applicant to UNSW. A preference will be given to first time research visits.
  6. Commitment from the Head of School to host and provide appropriate facilities.
Application procedure
The following documents should be emailed by the Faculty host to the Associate Dean Research (adr.science@unsw.edu.au). Note the page limits on CV and bibliography.
  1. A cover letter from the host outlining
    1. Schedule of activities and expected outcomes. The plan should include mention of delivery of a seminar to be publicised to the Faculty;
    2. Indicative budget for the visit. Daily allowances should relate to UNSW rates;
    3. Details of previous visits to UNSW, if any.
  2. Copy of academic CV of proposed visitor (4 pages maximum plus 4 page maximum bibliography).
  3. Copy of academic CV of Faculty host (4 pages maximum plus 4 page maximum bibliography).
  4. Letter of support from the Head of School specifying the facilities to be provided.
Applications will be assessed by the Associate Dean Research and the Deputy Dean for approval by the Dean.
Application deadline
Applications should be evaluated at the end of March, July & October each year. Fellowships will need to be taken up within 12 months of offer or be forfeited2
Payment Procedure
Visitors will be reimbursed by Schools using normal UNSW procedures. The Faculty will transfer the allocated amount to a nominated account upon receipt of a brief report outlining the outcomes of the visit which will need to be received within 4 weeks of the completion of the Fellowship.
1 Larger amounts may be requested in exceptional circumstances.
2 A request for extension may be made but will be considered as a re-application in the next available round.