UNSW - Science

Research in Science

The diverse range of research conducted at the Faculty includes areas ranging from developing new models for predicting climate change to informing strategies for treating important human diseases. More than 1000 people across the Faculty are involved in research, including academics, postgraduate students and technical staff.

Research at the Faculty of Science is undertaken through Schools, research centres, field stations and facilities.

  • Schools conduct research through staff projects and offer degrees via coursework or research for students; as well as hosting research centres, institutes and laboratories. They are organised according to academic disciplines (e.g. Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics)
  • Research Centres are affiliated with schools and organised around broad substantive research topics such as climate change or quantum computing. As such, they draw into their research programs researchers and students from multiple disciplines. The faculty of Science also has a number of field stations and specialised research facilities
  • Academics and Students make an important contribution to the research quantum of Science