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Materials Science & Engineering

The School of Materials Science and Engineering is one of Australia's premier academic contributors in the field with a strong international reputation.  Vibrant research activity is led by academics who also provide award-winning teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.  Close links with industry enable us to provide a large number of scholarships.

Major areas of study include: sustainable materials: ceramics, plastics and metals; properties of engineering materials; process control and improvement; management and presentation skills; technical investigation and research skills; social and environmental aspects of materials.


What is Materials Science?

Materials Science is the underlying science of high performance materials including metals, ceramics, plastics, composites, nanomaterials, electronic materials and biomaterials. It is the science of developing high performance materials, engineering new applications, customizing innovative processing techniques and predicting performance.

From the exquisitely delicate strength of a spider’s web to the astonishing structural forms of ancient towering Wollemi pines, nature has evolved the very best materials for every natural application.

Materials Science and Engineering is about developing the very best materials for every human-made application.