UNSW - Science

Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

The University of New South Wales has a national and international reputation for quality education and research in many fields of biological, geographical and geological sciences.

The School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) incorporates these environmentally relevant disciplines enabling the School to offer a comprehensive education in the traditional, mainstream disciplines of Biology, Geography and Geology. This also allows us to provide our students with opportunities for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies, notably in the Marine and Environmental Sciences.


Our Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree programs are available to qualified students and cater for a wide array of interests and career paths. An additional 4th Year Honours Program is available to all students who have performed well in earlier years, including students from universities other than UNSW.

There is almost no limit to the area of research in Master (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs.

Obviously there are many avenues available in BEES for students interested in the natural sciences and the School is strongly committed to using fieldwork to provide students with appropriate practical experience. If your passion is for behavioural ecology, palaeontology, genetics, or a myriad of other options, we can devise a program of study to suit your needs. You will find the courses offered by BEES to be both stimulating and providing a level of expertise sought by employers.