Honours Relocation Scholarships

The Dean’s Honours Relocation Scholarship is designed to provide opportunities for high-performing students to study their Honours year in the Faculty of Science at UNSW Australia. This $5000 scholarship goes towards the costs of non-UNSW students relocating to UNSW.

Students must have made contact with a potential supervisor in the relevant School they are proposing to undertake Honours prior to applying for this scholarship and have obtained a supporting statement for the Honours topic they propose to undertake. Follow the links below for more information about Schools and potential supervisors:


In the awarding of the Relocation Scholarship the selection panel will consider the following criteria:

  • The academic record of the applicant and evidence of their enthusiasm for their chosen field of science; (based on current academic statement and supervisor support.)
  • The suitability of the applicant’s field of study and its alignment to the strategic direction of the Faculty of Science; 
  • The support of the proposed supervisor; (statement of support and commitment from proposed supervisor to be submitted with application as a supporting document).

Applicants must not be current UNSW students at the time of application and must be Australian permanent residents or Australian/New Zealand citizens in order to be eligible.


Please note this scholarship is currently unavailable. 
For more information, please contact: