Talented Students Program


The Science Talented Students Program (TSP) introduces high performing students - entering the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) and the Bachelor of Psychology or Bachelor of Vision Science - to the Faculty of Science and helps them develop specific skills during their degree. Unfortunately those studying a dual degree are ineligible for the TSP.

The program offers these students exposure to research within the Faculty and provides a degree that is flexible and tailored to suit student needs and talents. 

Invitation to participate in the TSP is made by the Dean of Science on the basis of superior secondary education performance (ATAR or equivalent), all incoming students are assessed for eligibility including non high school leavers.

High performing current UNSW Science students, in eligible programs, will be invited to join at the end of their first year.



What is involved in the Program?

The TSP consists of many components and these may vary year-to-year:

1. Allocation of an Academic Mentor
Students are assigned an academic mentor based on their areas of interest in Science. Mentors provide their student(s) with the opportunity to participate in an active research group through attendance at research group meetings, allow participation in research (through the summer research scholarships programs after first year if possible), attend research seminar series and other activities within the school, encourage participation in a research internship or meet as determined between the student and mentor.

2. The ability to tailor the degree program
Students within the program will have the possibility of tailoring their degree program to include:

  •     The ability to accelerate their academic program or overload if necessary.
  •     Undertaking advanced level courses or advanced courses not normally part of their program.
  •     One-to-one individual consultations and advice on program design by a senior student advisor.

If students wish to tailor their degree program to suit their own interests/talents a meeting will be arranged for an individual consultation with the Science Student Centre (SSC).

3. Invitations to Faculty Events
There will be a number of events held during the year specifically for TSP students including a welcome function with the Dean of Science, a lunch during semester 1, an end of year BBQ and other events. TSP students will also be invited to Faculty events such as the Industry Forum, seminars, public lectures, guest speakers and where possible alumni events.

4. Experience in key research labs throughout the Faculty

5. Leadership workshops

6. Innovation and science communication seminars

7. Conference attendance

Participation in the TSP will also provide students with:

  •     preference for a research internship course (SCIF) that can be taken in second year and above.
  •     an official record of their participation included on their secondary transcript when they graduate.
  •     a ‘taste’ of the Faculty’s leading edge research and the opportunity to meet some of our top researchers.
  •     insights into Scientists’ careers.

How do I get involved?

Eligible students will receive an email invitation from the Acting Dean of Science, Professor Peter Lovibond.  As a guide students invited to participate in the TSP should have achieved an ATAR (or equivalent) in the high-90s, however inclusion is at the discretion of the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs) or other nominee of the Dean. HSC Plus and EAP bonus points are not taken into account for entry into the TSP.  



If you have any questions about the TSP, please contact 

*TSP is not currently available to students enrolled in dual degrees.