Nanoscience (Honours)

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85.00 ATAR 2017
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Be part of the future. This multi-disciplinary degree will make you an expert in all things super-small.

Size matters! Nanoscience involves the science, application and engineering of systems in the nanometre region. It is a broad discipline at the forefront of scientific, medical and materials research. Nanoscience enables the creation of devices, machines and functional materials with unique properties.

UNSW Australia is a recognised pioneer of nanoscience and nanotechnology, contributing greatly to the development of this new and exciting field. The Bachelor of Nanoscience (Honours) at UNSW is a multidisciplinary degree taught by the three Schools of Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science and Engineering. The degree is administered by the School of Chemistry, but all schools have a strong input and courses are also hosted by the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences.

No other degree program at UNSW provides the breadth of study in science disciplines that students studying Nanoscience (Honours) receive. The award of Bachelor of Nanoscience (Honours) is made on successful completion of a specialist Nanoscience research project in the final year of the program. Class sizes are typically 10-35, permitting considerable interaction between academics, researchers and students.

Close links have been developed between the degree course and the following UNSW research centres: the Australian Centre for Nanomedicine, the Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology, the Australian National Fabrication Facility, the ARC Photovoltaics Centre of Excellence and the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre.

Organisations employ nanoscience and nanotechnology graduates because of their broad training, capacity to think critically and laterally, and their problem solving abilities.

Honours: In their final year of study, Nanoscience students apply their knowledge to a research project, supervised by a UNSW researcher. Students select their project from a wide range of fields to suite their areas of interest, and complete the year by producing a thesis on their research.

Assumed & recommended knowledge:
A good standing in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics is highly recommended. Biology and HSC Mathematics Ext 1 also provide useful background knowledge.

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  • Bachelor Degree


Bachelor of Nanoscience (Honours)

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Bachelor of Nanoscience
This degree program is designed to give you training across a wide range of science and technology disciplines with close links to innovative research programs undertaken at UNSW.