UNSW - Science

Bachelor of Medical Science


Medical Science underpins the study of Medicine. The Bachelor of Medical Science is offered over three years and run jointly by the Science and Medicine faculties.


Degree Overview

  • Duration: 3 years full-time
  • 2014 ATAR: 94.00 | IB - 36
  • UNSW Code: 3991
  • UAC Code: 429700

Assumed Knowledge

Mathematics and Chemistry.

Recommended Knowledge




What you will study

You will learn about the human body; how it functions down to its smallest parts; how it reacts to disease and the drugs that are used to treat disease. Discover the processes of development from the fertilised ovum, to why we all look different and the role genetics plays, how and why we have natural defences and which structures and parts of our brain command how we move, think and feel. Medical science truly incorporates many facets of the scientific disciplines.

On completion of your degree you are awarded a Bachelor of Medical Science.

You’ll have the opportunity, if you choose and your performance permits, to undertake a fourth year that involves research leading to an honours degree.

Graduate entry stream for UNSW Medicine

If you are interested in studying Medicine at UNSW, there is a pathway for high-performing Medical Science students. If you’re intending to apply for entry to the degree via the Bachelor of Medical Science you must have completed all compulsory courses by the end of Stage 2. Visit the UNSW Medicine website for further information.


Graduate Profile

Vi Nguyen

Bachelor of Medical Science
Diploma in Innovation Management

Territory Representative, Abbott Diabetes Care

I am currently working as a Territory Representative with Abbott Diabetes Care - a division of Abbott Laboratories, Australasia. I knew quite early on that I wanted to work in the health and medical industries and that it was important to have studied science at tertiary level to work in these industries. A big draw card for studying Science at UNSW was that I knew it was a prestigious university - well known in Australia and internationally. Also, UNSW Science had strong links with industry bodies and other government and non-government bodies which would ensure that my studies were relevant to employers.

A great benefit about studying Science at UNSW was the friendships I made with other students as well as with my tutors and lecturers. The facilities at UNSW were really appealing; particularly the library for exam cramming and thesis research, and the grounds provided a balance between study and social life. Being close to the beach and the city made my social life a ball.

I also completed the Diploma in Innovation Management which gave me that extra edge over others during my search for employment. It has always initiated conversation and a degree of interest with prospective employers, allowing me to demonstrate that not only do I have great undergraduate science qualifications but I also have the added bonus of understanding the commercial aspects of science research.