Science Meets Industry - MARS Food Australia


Tuesday, 10 May, 2016 -
10:00 to 12:00


UNSW Kensington


Faculty of Science

Type of event: 



On Tuesday 10 May, students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet Adam Cheney and Elizabeth Natkanski from MARS Food Australia at a popular Science Meets Industry talk. Adam and Elizabeth spoke to the group about their own study and career journeys before describing the organisation structure of MARS Food Australia and the work the team does every day. Students had the opportunity to see where a career in MARS Food Australia could lead and after formal questions, they had the opportunity to network with MARS Food Australia reps over lunch.


Student questions at Science Meets Industry – MARS Food Australia


  1. Do MARS have a graduate program?

Adam explained that yes, MARS Food Australia does run a graduate program. He mentioned that when he was a graduate, rotations around different areas and developing an understanding of the whole business were the main pillars of the program.


  1. How do I find out about applying?

Adam and Elizabeth directed students to the MARS graduate website for comprehensive details on the application process:


  1. What are some tips for getting into the graduate program?

Students were told to be earnest and come prepared to an interview with lots of questions yourself, as it shows you have thought about how you will fit into the MARS Food Australia family. Graduates need to be reasonably mobile as well, as regional rotations are common.


  1. Do MARS take interns?

Adam explained that as internships come up, MARS Food Australia would advertise these through the UNSW Science team.


  1. Do you get to travel overseas with your job?

Elizabeth explained that when working on the global brands of MARS Food Australia, some travel might be possible. There are over 200 MARS factories across the globe, include MARS Food, MARS Chocolate and MARS Pet Food.


  1. What are the educational backgrounds of your MARS work colleagues?

Adam and Elizabeth told the group that in their area of Research and Development, many of their colleagues came from Food Science, Nutrition and Chemical Engineering backgrounds. Elizabeth explained that she comes from an Immunology background and it was a god example that MARS was always looking for diversity in their associates.


Students also had the opportunity to hear from Jen McCrea, Careers Consultant from the UNSW Careers & Employment service. Jen spoke briefly about what jobs study in Food Sciences and Chemical Engineering could lead to. She also gave the students some helpful tips on how to maximise on networking opportunities and how the Careers & Employment service could help students prepare Science specific CVs, job applications, prepare for job interviews and also start a LinkedIn account.