Mixing of Ice Shelf Water Outflows and Connections to Sea Ice


Wednesday, 19 July, 2017 -
14:00 to 15:00


Climate Change Research Centre Seminar Room, Level 4 Mathews Building, Kensington Campus, Sydney


Climate Change Research Centre

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In this talk Craig Stevens will describe recent, and upcoming, field observations of the fate of meltwater from large and small ice shelf cavities (specifically the Ross and Nansen). The data highlight the complexity of the system as the ocean is close to its freezing point, and also there is a good deal of challenging topographic variability. The discussion will then consider how these outflows influence sea ice growth and persistence.


Craig Stevens is a physical oceanographer with a joint position at NIWA (NZ National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research) and the University of Auckland and is the current President of the New Zealand Association of Scientists. With training at the Universities of Adelaide, Western Australia and British Columbia, his research focus is on extreme ocean environments. In particular, he looks at the fate of energy injected into the planet’s oceans at celestial scales (tides, solar heating) and how energy exchange processes affect us all through influences on biological, ecological and/or physical transformation.