Maunakea Melting Pot: Opportunities for Australia


Tuesday, 18 July, 2017 - 13:00


Old Main Building 149, UNSW Kensington campus


School of Physics

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The East Asian Observatory has been operating the JCMT on Maunakea for two years. With a focus on international scientific collaboration and the career enhancement of young astronomers, EAO now looks to deepen its portfolio, with an ambitious instrument program for JCMT, as well as new partnerships with leading facilities such as Subaru. Within the changing political and scientific landscape on Maunakea, synergy between Observatories and international collaboration are more critical than ever before. Opportunities for Australia and East Asian regional partnership in instrumentation, science and observatory management will be presented.


Dr Jessica Dempsey gained her PhD at UNSW, where as part of her PhD research with the Antarctic group, she “wintered-over” at the South Pole. She has had a long-term involvement in sub-millimetre astronomy, including in the development of instrumentation.

She is currently the Deputy Director of the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) situated on Mauna Kea, at an altitude of 4000m, on the island of Hawaii (the Big Island). Jessica leads the JCMT Key Project on mapping the Galactic plane in transitions of the main tracer of molecular gas, CO.  She was awarded the Women Who Mean Business “Women to Watch" award in 2016: