Brain Sciences UNSW Colloquia 2017


Monday, 4 September, 2017 -
16:00 to 17:00


Black Dog Institute Lecture Theatre G39, Hospital Road, Prince of Wales Hospital



Type of event: 

Special Event

Audience / Guests: 

Public / All

Host: Brain Sciences UNSW

From Big Data to DNA: Unravelling Causes and Outcomes in People with Intellectual Disability

Professor Julian Trollor (UNSW School of Psychiatry), “What can ‘Big Data’ tell us about health inequalities for people with intellectual disability?”; Professor Stewart Einfeld (The University of Sydney, Brain and Mind Centre), “Gene-to-behaviour pathways in intellectual disability syndromes”; Assoc.Prof. Tony Roscioli (UNSW Prince of Wales Clinical School), “From genomic diagnoses to treatments in intellectual disability”.

Chairperson – Scientia Professor Philip Mitchell (UNSW School of Psychiatry).

Followed by refreshments.