The Big Bang with Prof. Harald Fritzsch

Prof. Harald Fritzsch


Friday, 6 May, 2016 - 18:30


Physics Lecture Theatre, Old Main Building


School of Physics

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We invite you to learn about our current understanding of Quarks, Dark Matter and the Universe!

In 1916 Albert Einstein published his theory of General Relativity, which is used in modern cosmology.  Our universe expands - 13.7 billion years ago started with the creation of the universe, the Big Bang.  Quarks and electrons were created, later the protons and neutrons were formed as bound states of quarks.  Finally the atmoic nuclei and the atoms appeared, forming the observed matter in our universe.  But more than 80% of the matter is dark matter, which is observed by its gravity.  Thus far details about the dark matter are not known.

Refreshments served from 6.00pm.

Telescope Viewing of the Night Sky after presentation. Weather permitting.

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Prof. Harald Fritzsch is a theoretical physicist and has contributed to the theory of quarks, the development of Quantum Chromodynamics and for the unification of the standard model of particle physics.  Harald has worked at CERN, California Institute of Technology and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.