Summer School

Please note: Summer Term enrolments open in October and enrolment dates vary from course to course.

Summer Term is a great opportunity to take advantage of flexible or accelerated study options. Summer Courses are particularly helpful if you:

  • want to fast track your degree
  • need to catch up on a course you have missed, or been unsuccessful in
  • are looking to complete your general education requirements outside of session
  • are undertaking a dual program of study or enrolled in a concurrent diploma
  • began your studies mid-year

The Faculty of Science offers a range of courses during Summer Term. Most courses offered are the same as those offered in semesters one and two, but in an intensive mode. This is typically a six to eight week period for core and elective courses and as little as one/two weeks super-intensive mode for some GenEd. Please see below for more details and to view the courses on offer.

Science Summer School Course Offerings:

Stage 1 (First Year) Courses


General Education

The Faculty of Science offers a range of first year courses in summer session providing students with the opportunity to complete Stage 1 requirements in certain disciplines.  Completion of these courses may be necessary for students to progress onto Stage 2 in the following year.

Students who have passed the “1A” courses in any of the three Science disciplines Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics may enrol in the “1B” course over summer.

First year courses offered in Summer 2016 – 2017

BABS1201Molecules, Cells & Genes
CHEM1021Chemistry B
MATH1231Mathematics 1B
PHYS1221Physics 1B
PHYS1231Higher Physics 1B
PHYS1110Everyday Physics (Online Course)
PHYS1160Introduction to Astronomy (Online Course)



SCIF1004 : Science and the Cinema
This course may be taken by students from Faculties other than Science as either an elective course or as General Education.  Science students may take it as a free elective.

Research Internships

Research Internships are sometimes available oversummer in selected disciplines for high performing students in Stages 2 or 3 of their programs. 

Please contact individual Schools for details.

Stage 2 (and beyond) Courses

BIOS3123Conservation in Practice
GEOS3641Regional Australia: Geographies of Uneven Development