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There is plenty to do on and off campus other than study and classes. In such a diverse Faculty, with so many degrees and majors it is often hard to find where you belong. Why not find like minded students to socialise with? There are many societies specifically for science students who want to socialise outside classes or to increase their understanding of the scientific community; some are specific to schools while others encompass the whole Faculty. Below are listed science societies, contact information and the aims of the society.

UNSW Science Society

SciSoc is the faculty-wide society - a student led society that aims to assist fellow students in science, especially first years, by providing information and connecting with school societies through joint events.


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Students of Advanced Mathematics and Science (SAMS)

SAMS aims to promote interaction and friendship between those studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science/Mathematics, as well as the wider scientific community at UNSW. We host events such as BBQs, careers nights, trivia nights, bake sales and parties in order to enhance the student experience.

SAMS also provides helpful insight on getting the most out of your degree, presenting itself as a fountain of information for students of all ages, from first years to honours and postgraduate students. All students within the Faculty of Science are invited to join by signing up on our OrgSync page and Facebook group in order to hear about our fun and informative events happening each semester!

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Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences Society (BABSoc)

BABSoc is the society for students undertaking a degree or major in the School of Biotechnology or Biomolecular Sciences (BABS). BABSoc aims to promote a sense of community within the school, offering an opportunity for social and professional development. BABSoc hosts career nights, BBQs and an annual ball. 

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Entrepreneurs in Science Society (EISSoc)

EISSoc is for students undertaking the Diploma of Innovation Management. EISSoc aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship within the scientific community. EISSoc and BABSoc are a joint society (meaning they share the same executive committee) and thus host many of the same events including BBQs and career nights. It also hosts “Meet the Entrepreneur” events, a chance to meet and learn from entrepreneurial scientists.

You can contact them by email at:


Geosciences Society of UNSW (GEOSOC)




Students of Materials Science and Engineering (MATSOC)

MATSOC is the student society for all students studying Materials Science and Engineering at UNSW. We make sure the time outside of your lectures is filled with parties, nerdy game nights, mentoring with lectures and most importantly, free food!

We hold a huge variety of events including First Year Camp, free BBQs, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream days, Harbour Cruise and Ball. The larger events, Ball and Cruise (greater than 300 attendees) are run in conjunction with the Chemical Engineering, Food Science and Renewable Energy Societies.



Optom Society

The Optom Society is for students of optometry and vision science, if this is you then you are automatically a member. Optom Society host functions to enable interaction amongst students.

For more information visit their website is:

Physics Student Society (Physoc)

All students currently enrolled in a physics course are automatically members of PHYSOC, the Physics student society. PHYSOC offers a variety of services for its members, which include access to a unique and spacious study room, a database of past exams, and many events such as barbeques and dinners throughout the year.

Visit PHYSOC's website and join the facebook group page to keep up to date with events and communicate with other PHYSOC members and the executives. You can also join PHYSOC on orgsync at

Psychology Society (PSYCHSOC)

UNSW Psychology Society aims to engage, support and connect all psychology students at the University of New South Wales. 

On a social level, PsychSoc provides its students with events such as an annually-themed Camp, Harbour Cruise, Ball and a number of Year Events. Academically, PsychSoc organises a range of workshops, study skills sessions and information services and resources to its students.

For any enquiries, feel free to contact us at any time with enquiries or suggestions at Be sure to also check out our Facebook page, webpage, and join us on OrgSync!


Students of Chemistry Society (SOCS)

SOCS is the chemistry student’s society, if this is your major you are automatically a member (whether you are undergraduate or postgraduate). SOCS is a social club aiming to bring all levels of study together; hosting BBQs, drink and trivia nights, pub crawls, a ball and social sports.  SCOS has a room on the ground floor of the Dalton Building.

For more information their website is:

Students of Medical Science Society (SMSSOC)

SMSSOC is a society for those students who are undertaking a degree (or major) in the School of Medical Science (SOMS). SMSSOC aims to provide networking between students and biomedical professionals, while building a sense of community. SMSSOC hosts career nights, pub crawls, dinners and other social events. It also offers discounts for members to retail sponsors.

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Other Societies and Clubs

Arc: UNSW Student Union

Arc is the UNSW student union. Anyone student enrolled at UNSW can purchase membership to Arc. There are some great benefits to being an Arc member, including discounts and free events. The Arc website also has links to clubs and societies on campus, including most of the science societies, so you can find like minded people and get the most out of your time at UNSW. The website also is a great source of information for maps, campus stores and general University life.

For more information their website is: