UNSW - Science


Major Declaration Form

Use this form to declare, add or change a major in your degree.


Graduation Check

Students in their final or second to final semester may use this form to check they are on-track to graduate.




Application to Overload (PDF)

Students who wish to overload (i.e. take more than 24 UoC in a semester, or more than 12 UoC in Summer Term) must apply using this form.

Only students who have completed at least 48 UoC at UNSW, and have a cumulative WAM of 65 or more, or are in their final year of study will be allowed to overload. Students may only overload a maximum of 6 UoC (i.e. 30 UoC in total, or 18 UoC in Summer).


Timetable Clash Approval (PDF)

This form is for Science students who have an unavoidable timetable clash. Approval must be obtained from the course authorities of both courses that clash. Once approval has been obtained from both course authorities, submit the form to the Science Student Centre who will enrol you in both courses.


Enrolment Variation (web link)

If you need to vary your enrolment after week 2 of semester (when online access to change enrolment is no longer available), you will need to complete the relevant form here and submit to Student Central.

For all enrolment related deadlines and key dates, please see the Key Dates section of myUNSW.


Withdrawal from a Course without Failure (web link)

To withdraw from a course after both the census date and the withdrawal without academic penalty date have passed, you need special permission. See the relevant section on myUNSW for more information.

SCIF2041 Research Internship A and SCIF3041 Research Internship B Form (PDF)

This form is for students currently enrolled in Advanced Science who wish to carry out a research internship as part of their undergraduate studies. The form must be completed and signed by the student and a nominated supervisor and submitted to the Science Student Centre.


Graduation check template (PDF)
This form is to assist students checking that they are on track to graduate. On completion it should be attached to an SM2012 Form along with an academic statement and returned to the Science Student Centre.
SM2012 Graduation check form (PDF) (Click here)

This form is to be completed by students intending to complete their degree/coursework requirements in 2012 and either graduate or subsequently enrol in honours for 2013. Before completing this form students should consult the undergraduate section of the Online Handbook for the year in which they commenced their program. This completed form, along with a ‘Graduation Check Template' (see below) and a copy of your academic statement from myUNSW should then be returned to the Science Student Centre.


Application for Program Variation (PDF)

This form is for students who want to apply to vary the structure of their program. Program variations include the substitution of core courses, or other variations to the rules outlined in the Online Handbook for the year they commenced their degree.

When a student wishes to vary the courses required for their major, they must first obtain approval from the Head (or nominee) of the School who administers the major.

Application for varying courses taken in a program (PDF) (Click here)
This form is for science students who want to apply to vary the structure of their program, that is, substitute a subject required for their degree with a similar subject. Approval must be obtained from the program authority by submitting this form. Where students wish to vary courses for their major or minor, they should first get approval from the Head (or their nominee) of the School controlling the major or minor.
Internal Transfers
Information regarding transferring internally to another UNSW program can be found at https://my.unsw.edu.au/student/academiclife/program_transfer/InternalPro...
Program leave/Discontinuation
To apply for program leave or discontinue a program, please see the information and complete the form available at https://my.unsw.edu.au/student/atoz/ProgramLeave.html