Exam Tips from the Student Centre

Calculator approval

You MUST make sure that your calculator carries the official ‘UNSW Approved’ sticker. If you do not have this approval you will not be permitted to use your calculator in exams. You can have your calculator approved at the Science Student Centre.

Plastic re-sealable bags

Any valuables you take into the exam room must be placed in a colourless resealable transparent plastic bag. For the complete list of what you can and cannot take into the examination room please check on the examination website. Plastic bags are available at the Science Student Centre.

Examination Venues

It is most important that you know where your exam is being held. You can check the location on the examination website. If you are unsure of where the venue is please check at the Science Student Centre prior to the day of your examination. On the day of your exam, please give yourself plenty of time to get to your exam venue.

Examinations Website:

Special Consideration

Sickness, misadventure, or other circumstance beyond your control may prevent you from completing one or more of your exams. If this occurs you need to contact your course convenor ASAP. You may be eligible for Special Consideration.

The University has a centralised online procedure for Special Consideration applications.To be eligible for Special Consideration you must make a formal online application within three working days of the exam or assessment task.

The application must be made via Online Services in myUNSW. You must obtain and attach Third Party documentation before submitting the application. Failure to do so may result in the application being rejected. You will need to supply the original or certified copies of the support documentation to Student Central.

It sometimes happens that a student encounters a situation that is so significant or personal they do not want to use the Special Consideration procedures. In a case like this you may prefer to contact the University Health Service, Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS), or a manager or academic adviser at the Science Student Centre. Remember that it is always important to let the University know if there is anything that may affect your ability to continue your studies.

For more information on Special Consideration please go to:


The Science Student Centre is open for face-to-face enquiries Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri from 9 - 5, and on Tue from 10 - 5.

We are located in Room 128, the Robert Webster Building and can be reached on 02 9385 6125 or by going to our Ask a question online form.