UNSW - Science

New Student Enrolment Guide


Congratulations on your offer and welcome to UNSW Science!

This enrolment guide has been created to help you select your courses and enrol in your first semester.

The enrolment process has a few steps to it, and can take time, so we strongly recommend new students read the information below before attempting to enrol via myUNSW.


Remember, at UNSW...

"Program" = your degree

"Courses" = the subjects/units you enrol into as part of your program


Step 1: Accept your offer

All new students must accept their offer before they can enrol in courses.

Instructions on how to accept were included with your offer letter, but if you need help see:


Step 2: Understand your degree and choose your courses

Each degree at UNSW is slightly different, and the courses (units) you take depends on your degree, the types of science that interest you, and when courses are available.

The links below provide useful information about all of our science degrees, and some tips on how to choose the best courses:



Life Sciences

Science and Business

Advanced Mathematics

Advanced Science


Science (International)



Environmental Management

Materials Science and Engineering

Medical Science

Medicinal Chemistry


Psychological Science




Step 3: Create a Timetable and Enrol

After you’ve decided what courses you want to take this semester, the final step is create a timetable and enrol via   myUNSW.

Remember: a full-time study load is 4 x 6 UoC courses per semester; a total of 24 UoC.

To see check when courses are offered, go to: http://www.timetable.unsw.edu.au/current/subjectSearch.html

Helpful tip: Rectangles is an online resource that can help students create a weekly timetable. It’s important to remember that Rectangles does not update regularly (e.g. it may not show if a class is full), and it does not recognise if certain classes have reservations or enrolment blocks (that can prevent students from enrolling in a particular class on certain days/times). You must know which courses you want to take before using this Recantgles website (see links above).

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