At The Edge: A Sustainable Australia


Following our highly successful Climate Change and the ETS Q&A, the Faculty of Science presented A Sustainable Australia? This highly controversial topic inspired the Faculty to ask some of the most outspoken public figures on the matter to discuss their views and answer questions on what exactly is a sustainable population for Australia.


The Hon. Bob Carr, former Premier of NSW, author & conservationist.
Mr Dick Smith, Businessman, entrepreneur, adventurer, philanthropist, aviator and a passionate advocate for the environment.
Mr Ross Gittins, The Economics Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald since 1978, economic columnist for The Age, Melbourne and author.
Dr Nigel Stapledon, Associate Head of School, School of Economics, UNSW.


Dr. Paul Willis, 'Catalyst' (ABC TV) reporter, science communicator and palaeontologist.


A Sustainable Australia?