Science 50:50 Mentor Program


What is the Science 50:50 Mentor Program?

The Mentor Program is an avenue for high school girls to ask career related questions and for career advice from some of our Science 50:50 partners.

  • Are you a high school girl in Years 9 to 12?
  • Do you have a question about science and technology career paths?
  • Do you want to find out what working in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) related job would be like?

PLEASE NOTE: The Mentor Program is intended for students to ask about career paths and about STEM jobs. If you have a question that is about specific degree requirements and degree structure, our friendly Future Students Team can be emailed on


How does it work?

You can seek the advice of our mentors by emailing and we will direct your question to a suitable mentor!

When you send your email make sure to use "Science 50:50 Mentor enquiry" in the subject line and to include the following information in your email;

  1. Full name
  2. School name
  3. The year you are in at school
  4. Your career related question!


Who are the Mentors?

Our Mentors work in a range of exciting scientific roles. Their job titles include a Senior Principal Research Scientist, Curator of Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Biology, Experimental Scientist in the Mineral Resources Flagship area, Associate Deans, Project Manager, Raw Materials and By-products Superintendent, the list goes on! We have over 30 Mentors in our Science 50:50 Mentor Program!

Have a look at where some of our Mentors work below: