EY Science 50:50 Careers Panel

On Friday 3 June, 45 high school girls with several teachers and parents had the opportunity to visit EY headquarters in the city and discuss STEM careers for women.

Professor Veena Sahajwalla chaired the panel including:

  • Rachael Niao, IT Advisory, EY
  • Wendy Saint Ruth, Director, Financial Services Office Advisory, EY
  • Erin Kanisek, Consultant, Research & Development (Tax & Law Division), EY
  • Alison Cairns, Partner IT Advisory, EY

Each panel member spoke about their own career journey including their study background and the most inspiring work they had been able to be a part of during their careers.

The girls asked several poignant questions including what skills they could develop in high school and university to start preparing for entering the job market and questions about whether EY was looking for STEM skills in their graduates – and the response was that they most definitely are!

Veena also spoke about the global impact her research into waste management was having and how she would not have been able to make this impact without making a conscious decision to not let being one of the few women in her field deter her!

The high school girls then completed a ‘Megatrends Activity’ designed to make them think about the impact new technology could have on different sectors of society and how STEM skills might be desired in the job market due to such changes.

Several EY Graduates with STEM backgrounds came to join the group for lunch and speak with the girls about their transition from uni student to graduate and how they applied their STEM studies to their everyday job at EY.

The morning was a great success and several girls remarked that it made them think more broadly about the kind of career opportunities that are available to them by studying STEM degrees.