About Science 50:50

We are living in a science and technology dependent era. The link between innovation and national economic prosperity is now well documented as is the critical role of education in building the scientific and technological skills and literacy the next generation will rely on.

Girls can’t be left behind. 

With only few senior positions in Science currently held by women, that means helping clear an unbroken pathway for girls from high school, through university and into academic and industry careers.

Australian high school girls are currently under-represented in the science subjects that underpin so many important university courses.

We believe girls need to hear real stories from real people whose own pathways to success make it abundantly clear that science and technology really is for girls. 

Science 50:50 aims to inspire Australian girls and young women.

Science 50:50 aims to inspire Australian girls and young women to pursue degrees and careers in science and technology so they can succeed in an innovation-driven future. Science 50:50 makes the simple point – since half the population is female, why not half the scientists and technologists?

By informing and engaging young women with the power of science and technology to solve complex problems and transform lives - and by introducing them to Australian scientists and innovators who are doing just that - Science 50:50 can help recalibrate the gender balance.

Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla

Science 50:50 is led by UNSW ARC Laureate Fellow Professor Veena Sahajwalla, who is driving innovation to create new ‘green’ materials. Science 50:50 is supported by Professor Sahajwalla’s Georgina Sweet Fellowship and UNSW Australia.

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