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UNSW scientists hope to unlock the secrets of millions of marine microbes from waters as far...

To have any chance of avoiding dangerous climate change we’ll have to reduce the carbon...

‘Green steel’ technology invented at UNSW has achieved a major milestone, with its use in...


Ethical Conduct of Research: Why Ethical Research is important, and why Research Misconduct is a...
It is widely thought that yeast of the genus Saccharomyces cannot utilise xylose at all. In 2001...
miRNAs play a fundamental role in post-transcriptional regulation.Abstract: miRNAs play a...


Talented Students Program

The UNSW Science Talented Students Program recognises and nurtures the special talents of high performing students, helping them to develop specific skills during their degree: science.unsw.edu.au/tsp

Science Careers and the Student Experience

Science Grad & PhD student Sinead talks about life at UNSW, opportunities for Science graduates, and the careers of some of her former UNSW peers.

UNSW Science Environmental Degrees

Our Environmental Management degrees offer students an exciting, engaging, first-class educational experience.

Science PhD Journeys

This video explores the journeys and experiences of 5 UNSW Science Postgraduate Research Students, all studying different topics and at varied stages of their PhD research.