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Australians living in poorer communities, with lower employment and education levels, as well...

How confident are you that the man you call dad is really your biological father?

If you haven’t been outdoors in a few years, you might not have noticed that beards are back....


"Often, it may be said that the interface is the device,” says Nobel Laureat Herbert Kroemer....
Be entertained and enlightened by astronomer & astrobiologist Jonti Horner, as he describes...
“Science through your eyes: Capture an image the explores an environmental issue that you would...


Science Careers and the Student Experience

Science Grad & PhD student Sinead talks about life at UNSW, opportunities for Science graduates, and the careers of some of her former UNSW peers.

2014 Science Parent & Student Info Night: Fred Watson

In March 2014, Professor Fred Watson addressed high school students and their parents at the Science Parent & Student Information Evening.

Science PhD Journeys

This video explores the journeys and experiences of 5 UNSW Science Postgraduate Research Students, all studying different topics and at varied stages of their PhD research.

How to Survive Rip Currents

This national award-winning video explains what rip currents are, how to spot and avoid rips, what to do if you get stuck in a rip, and it introduces you to some different types of rips.