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Overweight and obese people experience many more episodes of being stigmatised in their...

The announcement Monday evening in the US that there would be no charges against a policeman...

Three UNSW Science researchers have been awarded prestigious Australian Academy of Science...


Low tropical clouds are known as a large source of uncertainty in climate projections. Description...
The results of the study have important implications for how we understand the oceans.Description...
Along southeastern Australia, the East Australian Current (EAC) strongly influences the...


Talented Students Program

The UNSW Science Talented Students Program recognises and nurtures the special talents of high performing students, helping them to develop specific skills during their degree: science.unsw.edu.au/tsp

Science Careers and the Student Experience

Science Grad & PhD student Sinead talks about life at UNSW, opportunities for Science graduates, and the careers of some of her former UNSW peers.

UNSW Science Environmental Degrees

Our Environmental Management degrees offer students an exciting, engaging, first-class educational experience.

Science PhD Journeys

This video explores the journeys and experiences of 5 UNSW Science Postgraduate Research Students, all studying different topics and at varied stages of their PhD research.